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Selected Recipes

Here are some of my favourite recipes!

Fresh Ingredients

Where possible I will use organic locally sourced ingredients. I often use Blas Y Tir vegetables which are grown in beautiful West Wales. I try to work with the seasons as much as possible; I especially like working with Spring/Summer ingredients!

My Recipes

My recipes are tried and tested several times. I call on my experience of working in professional kitchens to really perfect each recipe in detail. I promise you if you follow my recipes exactly you will wow whoever you cook for with restaurant-quality vegan food.

Why Vegan

There are too many positives to mention. But here’s my personal reason: for the animals! We don’t need to eat animals in the 21st century; it’s cruel and so unnecessary. Secondly: for health. Although some of my recipes may look super indulgent every ingredient is plant-based, and so obviously a lot healthier than non-vegan recipes.

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