To celebrate the new crop of Waitrose British Cherries I decided to make this lovely Lemon, Poppy Seed & Cherry Cake. I topped it with Vanilla Coconut Whipped Cream & of course plenty of Fresh Waitrose British Cherries.

This is why I love summer so much, being able to go into my local Waitrose and find high quality British produce!

As well as the cherries being grown in Kent, they & all of the other UK grown fruits and vegetables stocked in Waitrose are LEAF Marquee Certified.

LEAF stands for Linking Environment And Farming and is a guarantee that the producer operates in an environmentally responsible way. Their certified growers employ responsible farming techniques, including crop rotation, wildlife habitat creation, such as leaving the edges of fields and hedgerows wild and limiting the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

To me it’s really great to know that Waitrose are making sure their producers are LEAF certified.

Anything to protect the environment is a big plus.


Click here for my recipe.

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