Hey Guys,

Its Gaz, and this is my first ever blog. Literally ever!!! I have never written a blog, so hopefully I’m not going to be breaking any bloggers rules..and sorry for any grammar errors..

But anyway, I thought my first blog should be all about my recent filming of season three of my YouTube videos. Mainly because it was extremely fun, and I have a lot to talk about, plus I hope it will create some excitement for the rest of videos!!

So firstly a bit about where I film, I get asked a lot if the kitchen where I filmed season 2 in is mine. But sadly not, I rent out the property. I found it online & was literally in love with the incredible kitchen, the black wall behind & the old reclaimed D&T bench as the main kitchen unit. Its incredible, so I decided to go back there to film season 3!

"Its amazing thatthey are vegan also"

The property is in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, which is a beautiful part of my home Country. Its even better in Spring/Summer and luckily last week when filming we had amazing weather!! Which was ideal for the dishes I needed to film.

I arrived at the location last Tuesday and met the film crew I work with, who are called Burning Chariot. As you are probably aware from watching my previous videos they are pretty amazing at what they do! We have filmed together 3 times now including series 3 and have formed such a great working relationship.

Its amazing that they are vegan also, so they are really passionate about the project…and  of course they love my food!! We were also joined by a new make up artist this time as our usually make up artist Sian was away. Gemma (also vegan!!) joined us after a 6 hour train ride from London.

So the first evening before filming is all about setting up, I bring a huge car load of kitchen equipment, props, bowls and of course all the ingredients!! But its nothing compared to the gear Burning Chariot bring, they invested in bigger and better lighting this time.. which were HUGE. They had to hire a van!!

After setting up we had a meeting around a little fire in the garden to discuss the next 3 days of filming! Yes thats right we had just 3 days to film 8 full recipe videos.

After an amazing sleep, I was up at 8am for breakfast. At this point I did try and start a VLOG to capture the next 3 days of filming..sadly after about 10 minute i got frustrated & I just wanted to focus purely on the day ahead so I put my camera away.. maybe next time lol!

I added the final touches to the set, then at about 9.30 I sat down with Gemma to have my make up done..strangely I’m starting to enjoy having it done now haha! Its actually quite relaxing.

I was also joined by Nicola from Blas Y Tir. If you don’t know who Blas Y Tir are. They are a company based in West Wales and they grow some of the finest vegetables around. In fact they supply some of the big supermarkets too!

"they are really passionateabout the project"

I’ve been lucky enough to be supported by them since the first ever time I filmed for my youtube channel, which actually is only 6 months ago..Its crazy how far I have come in terms of confidence on camera since then. But yes Blas Y Tir dropped off some of their amazing potatoes, leeks, cauliflowers all for me to use for my videos! Which is always really exciting, I love working with their produce!!

The first video we recorded is in fact the first video I’ve uploaded! Seitan ‘Chirozo’ style hot dogs. I was a bit nervy & rusty when we began filming but soon got into the swing of things. Im so pleased with the finished result. Burning Chariot did an incredible job on the edit!! Its a great start to the new series.

The filming over the next few days after the hot dog video went from strength to strength, we recorded everything that was planned. Nothing was rushed and I was really happy with all the food I dished up! Its often hard with all the lights & cameras on you to carefully plate up the dishes. When I was a chef I was on a particular station & each chef from other stations would often bring a different component for one dish to the hot plate to plate up. And at home when I’m creating my food pictures I have all the time I want to make the food look perfect. But when filming theres a whole next level of pressure!

I don’t want to give too much away in regards to the dishes I filmed but what I will say is this season is due to finish on a huge bang, the last video we filmed was literally the best. I loved every second of it.. I wanted to create a gathering so invited my friends & family down. Which added a little more pressure, but still it was incredible. I felt so happy to be doing what I love with all my favourite people around. They also really enjoyed the food I made!!

There is a good general mix of dishes in season 3, a couple of tasty desserts, some healthier options & many gluten free! I have also been lucky enough to get some more support from Ninja Kitchen UK, like in season 2 I ran a giveaway competition for when I hit 5K subscribers, in series 3 I will be giving away an amazing Ninja Kitchen UK Kitchen System when I hit 30k subscribers, the details of this give away will be out soon. Big thank you to Ninja for this, their instagram is www.instagram.com/ninjakitchenuk.

So there it is, season 3 filming briefly put into blog. Here are a few behind the scenes pictures shot by the very talented Giorgia Sugarman (@giosugs on instagram)

Please make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube & let me know any feedback, thank you for reading.


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