I have been pretty busy over the last few weeks, back and forth to London in fact I stayed there for 2 weeks to shoot all the food pictures for my cook book.

It was one of the most exciting two weeks of my life but also hugely exhausting. It was almost like I was back in the professional kitchens at times!

So a few months back my publisher Quadrille asked which food photographer I would like to work with to shoot the pictures for my book.

After learning the basics & becoming obsessed with food photography since starting my instagram. I had always looked for inspiration in magazines & online. One persons name always popped up, that person being Simon Smith. His work is simply sensational. So I asked for him – not thinking he would want to do it however..

2 weeks went by & I had an email saying that Simon had agreed to shoot the pictures!! I was over the moon but also slightly nervous…after all, his work is a big inspiration to me!

So after finishing writing the book I had to go to London to shoot the pictures. I brought all my gear up & even got my old school friend Joe to help me in the kitchen (Joe is also a trained chef) as I knew it was going to be tough shooting 8 pictures a day. SO much food to prepare, cook & style.

We turned up on the Monday & I literally did not know what to expect. I was so nervous until Simon answered the door & welcomed us into the studio. What a place it was, it was full of the most incredible backgrounds and props. The kind of things I had been hunting for since getting into food photography.

I was instantly relaxed and knew we were going to create something truly amazing..and we did just that. Click the video below to watch some highlights from the last day..as you will see I was very tired!

Big thank you to the genius Simon Smith, his assistants Ashley & Simon. Also Joe Horner for helping me in the kitchen. Plus Ohjo Creative & Helen Lewis for their support through out the shoot.

The book is going to be GREAT!!!

Thanks for reading,


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