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So out of the blue last week I was asked to be part of an amazing Tesco campaign. Prior to seeing their email I noticed their recent commercials promoting plant based cooking..which was very pleasing to see.

Any way, they asked me to recreate one of their Love food story recipes by Derek who cooks plant based food. It looked & sounded great, BBQ ‘Shroom Buns. Im a fan of anyone who is showing how fun & exciting vegan food can be. Its also really good to see a major supermarket making vegan options more accessible. I noticed they have a huge range of products suitable for vegans now, which are all clearly mentioned.

So I agreed! See my picture below. Don’t they look delicious!

To be totally honest, I don’t generally shop in Tesco. Due to it being further away from my house compared to other supermarkets. But I think I will be changing very soon. I was so impressed with their Cardiff Western Road Superstore. The variety of fresh produce was incredible.

First I had to visit the mushroom section and again I was shocked at the variety of mushrooms they had, I will definitely be going back for some of their Asian Mushroom’s.

For this recipe I needed Portobello, Shiitake & Chestnut which were easy to find.

I must of been in Tesco for 10 minutes maximum with all of the ingredients to make the BBQ ‘Shroom Buns. RESULT!

AN even better result was the price of the ingredients. £8.34 to be exact. Bargain.

So I arrived home hungry and ready to cook. I don’t generally use recipes, but did use Derek’s as a guide which was very simple. I cooked the dish within 20 minutes including cleaning up time.

Whilst the mushrooms were cooking the Hickory BBQ smokey smell was wafting around the house.

The taste was surprisingly meaty. I really recommend leaving the mushroom to cook in the frying pan until really golden and almost crisp this added a great flavour.

The freshness of the gem lettuce, coriander & red onion cut through the spicy smokiness of the mushrooms. Definitely a flavour explosion in my mouth!!

I can’t recommend this recipe enough, it’s a good one for new vegans who miss that meaty taste and parents trying to make ingredients like mushrooms more appealing to kids.

Make sure you try it, and thanks to Tesco for asking me to be involved.

Click here for the recipe.


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